Boing Pogo Sticks

Boing Pogo Sticks
There's a Geospace Pogo Stick for nearly every age: The Boing JR for children from 4 years+, the Jumparoo Boing! Large for teens and adults.  Our rugged steel constructed Pogo Sticks offer comfortable foam handles, sturdy foot platforms, even an extra-wide rubber "foot" on the bottom for greater stability!  Plus the super-bounce springs enable great jumping height, provided you select the correct model for your body weight. 

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Boing! JR  Boing

Jumparoo Boing! JR Pogo Stick for Kids

Now there's a pogo for smaller tykes and beginners. The new BOING! JR is sized shorter for smaller k..


Large Jumparoo BOING! Pogo Stick for Riders Boing

Large Jumparoo BOING! Pogo Stick for Riders

BOING! BOING! BOING! Where's Jimmy? He's scraping the clouds on his new JUMPAROO™ BOING! Ju..


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Boing Pogo Sticks


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