Perfect Fitness® the manufacturer and distributor of innovative fitness equipment including the Perfect Pushup®, Perfect Pullup®, Perfect Multi-Gym®, Perfect Situp®, and other fitness accessories. The company is committed to offering advanced product solutions to enable consumers of all fitness levels to unlock their body's potential with products founded on functional training, natural movements and back-to-basics principles.

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AB Carver Pro Perfect

Perfect AB Carver Pro



AB Carver Sport Perfect

Perfect AB Carver Sport

Ab-Carver Sport is one of the most simple, yet demanding ab wheels available today. Its combination ..


Crunch Perfect

Perfect Crunch

Perform crunches effectively and comfortablyTarget your core instantly with the Perfect Crunch. The ..


Deep Tissue Roller Pro Perfect

Perfect Deep Tissue Roller Pro

Use the Perfect® Roller Pro before or after a workout to help gain flexibility, enhance recovery and..


Massage Ball Perfect

Perfect Massage Ball

The Perfect® Massage Ball provides intense firmness for dense muscle tissue. It is great for the nec..


Massage Foot Roller Perfect

Perfect Massage Foot Roller

The Perfect® Foot Roller is designed to relieve minor muscular aches and pains. The motion of the fo..


Massage Stick Perfect

Perfect Massage Stick

Use the Perfect® Massage Stick techniques to relieve minor aches and pains. It helps maintain mobili..


Multi-Gym Pro Perfect

Perfect Multi-Gym Pro

The Perfect® Multi-Gym Pro will transform your doorway and your body. Perform 3 kinds of pullups (Wi..


Multi-Gym Sport Perfect

Perfect Multi-Gym Sport

Transform your doorway into the Perfect Multi-Gym. Use your own body weight to build and strengthen ..


Push Up Perfect

Perfect Push Up

Muscle activation through rotationThis sleek version of the Perfect Pushup® features our patent..


Push Up Elite Perfect

Perfect Push Up Elite

The next generation product that takes the classic pushup to the next levelPerfect Pushup® Elit..


Push Up Stands

Perfect Push Up Stands

Build your chest, arms and coreThe Perfect Pushup stands are designed to increase your range of moti..


Solid Foam Roller - 18" Therapy Perfect

Perfect Solid Foam Roller - 18" Therapy

The Perfect® Massage 18" Therapy Roller helps to ease pain and release tension with targeted therape..


Total Body Kit Perfect

Perfect Total Body Kit

The Total Body Kit is a 6 piece kit that combines the power of Push, Pull, Core movements with FitDe..


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