Trigger Point Therapy is the world leader in self massage therapy and Myofascial release products.  The Trigger Point range of products is sold in 85 countries internationally.  Trigger Point Australia is the exclusive and official distributor of all Trigger Point products.  


Trigger Point products are used by many leading athletes and sports teams around the world. In Australia, professional athletes from sports such as AFL, NFL, A League, Rugby Union, Netball, Athletics, Cycling and Cricket, all use the Trigger Point products to help improve both their preparation for sport, their performance during sport and recovery from sport.  The Trigger Point range is a proven functional fitness product for all levels of physical activity.


The Trigger Point Australia range of products includes:

·         Grid 1.0 Foam Rollers

·         Grid 2.0 Foam Rollers

·         Grid X Foam Rollers

·         Mini Grid

·         Massage Kits

·         Nano Roller

·         Nano X Roller

·         Grid STK

·         Grid STK X

·         T-Roller

·         Cold Roller

·         Massage Balls

·         X Factor Massage Ball

·         Quadballer

·         Cool Point


Trigger Point products are designed and manufactured to ensure maximum performance, durability and versatility.

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GRID Mini Foam Roller Grid Foam Rollers

TriggerPoint GRID Mini Foam Roller

The GRID Mini foam roller is designed with proprietary Distrodensity zones. This three dim..


MB1 Massage Ball Massage Balls and Kits

TriggerPoint MB1 Massage Ball

The MB1 massage ball provides direct deep tissue compression for fast relief of aches, pai..


TriggerPoint AcuCurve Cane TriggerPoint

TriggerPoint AcuCurve Cane

The TriggerPoint AcuCurve Cane is an easy-to-use and effective at home remedy to relieve m..


TriggerPoint Grid Ball TriggerPoint

TriggerPoint Grid Ball

The TriggerPoint GRID Ball™ combines the benefits of a massage ball and foam roller into compact and..


TriggerPoint Grid Vibe TriggerPoint

TriggerPoint Grid Vibe

Take foam rolling and your recovery routine to the next level with the all new GRID VIBE vibrat..


TriggerPoint MB2 Roller Grid Foam Rollers

TriggerPoint MB2 Roller

The TriggerPoint MB2 Roller provides targeted relief to the neck and back to soothe pain, and i..


TriggerPoint Mobility Pack Grid Foam Rollers

TriggerPoint Mobility Pack

The TriggerPoint Mobility Pack includes two premium products for convenience, value, and on-the-go t..


TriggerPoint MobiPoint Massage Ball TriggerPoint

TriggerPoint MobiPoint Massage Ball

Roll away tension and stress with the TriggerPoint MobiPoint Massage Ball. The compact size targets ..


TriggerPoint STK Contour TriggerPoint

TriggerPoint STK Contour

The STK Contour is an innovative handheld foam roller featuring a flexible hourglass design and comf..


TriggerPoint STK Sleek TriggerPoint

TriggerPoint STK Sleek

The TriggerPoint STK Sleek Handheld Foam Roller features a portable, slim design for targeted muscle..


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